14 Feb: Medium Bike Shoot ft. Ally Rose

My brother Eli, a.k.a. Medium boy put together his first official bike build and decided to do a “pinup” style shoot with the bike

08 Dec: Film Roll #2

Recently took some film photos at Cahuilla MX with my buddy Connor and brother Eli

01 Oct: O’Neal x Buttery Retro Bike Shoot

In celebration of their “50 years Faster” campaign, my buddy Connor Ericson had the idea of doing a retro themed shoot with O’Neil’s new: Mayhem Crackle 91′ gear set

26 Sep: My first Roll of Film

I was recently gifted my grandmothers point and shoot film camera and honestly, I’m having so much fun with it that I’m having a hard time putting it into words

05 Aug: Buttery Bike Shoot Ft Kayla Lauren

Special thanks to Connor Ericsson A.K.A. Buttery for letting me have full creative freedom on this one. I’m sure if it were up to him we would have shot the bike on his iPhone!